Modern software for data acquisition, control and visualization.

Based on AMI extended experience NIK moves forward with SCADA PowerSyS for the following applications:

  • Industrial processes
  • Power Transmission and Distribution 
  • Transportation
  • Oil and gas
  • Commercial buildings

Features of PowerSyS:

  • Intuitive interface
    Developer may create new projects without additional training.
  • Openness
    all algorithms, graphics libraries, data manuals, tree of objects, reports are open for changes and there is the possibility of personal system setting without the help of developers.
  • Scalability
    allows easily interact with another systems of enterprise automation, as well as do its functions without damage of main tasks (technical metering of energy resources, generation of consolidated reports, and its automatic transfer by selected channel, alarm in case of emergency with help of sms and so on).
  • Flexibility
    from the beginning being based on client-server architecture, PowerSyS SCADA ensures a high productivity and integrity of data.
  • Clients
    provide a flexible access to data. Realized a reliable mechanism of control and distribution of user rights.
  • Ease of use
    system structure allows easily train of administration and operation that considerably reduce costs on its maintenance
  • Availability
    all solutions are made primarily on the base of freely distributed products which are at the same time simple in operation but no less reliable as traditional solutions (OS Linux, DBMS PostgreSQL, package of reported data formation OpenOffice)
  • Operational technical support
    will allow cope with assigned tasks in short terms.