Automatic tampo printing start-up

Automatic tampo printing start-up

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An automatic tampo printing system has been developed.

The unit can print on the product both manually (with the operator) and in conjunction with the robot-remover.

The robot removes the cast parts from the automatic molding machine and places it on the lodgement leaving the pad printing unit, after which the seal is applied, the process is fully automatic, with no human intervention.

This installation uses a closed ink system, which minimizes the evaporation of harmful substances during printing and makes the printing process as stable as possible.
Depending on the material to be sealed, it is necessary to perform an intermediate cleaning of the tampon during operation, which is done automatically.
The tampo printing is equipped with the controller and the operator' panel which allows to correct process to milliseconds, and also system of the valves capable to hold a pad on a product with necessary effort within the set time.
System of vacuum retention of the workpiece during printing is implemented with automatic rotation to minimize the expectation of intermediate drying between prints.
Compressed air supply system to the printing area to speed up the drying process is implemented too.
The installation is equipped with a bowl capable of covering the image with a diameter up to 175 mm.