NIK 7071 for accurate and "smart" heat metering

NIK 7071 for accurate and "smart" heat metering

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On the eve of the heating season each of us thinks about the benefits and necessity of heat metering in our own house, cottage, country house, and business owners - in cafes, shops and offices.

     We suggest you use an ultrasonic "smart" heat meter NIK 7071.

     Heat meters NIK 7071 are used for metering, including commercial metering, of heat amount  in the heat' supply systems in the residential and commercial premises and are designed to measure:

  • amount of heat consumed,
  • volume of the coolant' flowing in the supply and return pipelines,
  • coolant temperature (by the way, the use of heat meters is provided at the coolant' temperature from 4 ° C to 95 ° C),
  • difference in temperature of the coolant in the supply and return pipelines (ΔT from 3 ° C to 70 ° C),
  • operating time (both total and time after event fixing),
  • display of measured values.

    There are no rotating parts in the meters (as in mechanical models), therefore there is no possibility of incorrect accounting after wear of the parts, the dimensions allow the installation of the device in the minimum installation dimensions.
    Information on overall dimensions of еру heat meters, installation length depending on the nominal diameter of the pipeline and other technical characteristics can be found on website
    Operation of the NIK 7071 heat meter is based on the principle of  an ultrasonic flow meter, based on measuring ot the time difference in transittion of an ultrasonic signal along the flow and against the flow of the coolant. Thus, ultrasonic transducers operate alternately as emitter and receiver of the ultrasonic signal.
    Heat meter NIK 7071 is a complete device in which the calculator, ultrasonic flow transducer are made in a single structure, and temperature sensors are installed at a distance of up to 1.5 m.

    Maintenance  and working with the heat meter, taking heat meter readings, working with the instrument menu -  everything is done by pressing of one button on the front panel. The large and informative 8-digit display makes work easier.
    An optical port is also brought out on the front panel of the meter/ This allows to read archives using an optical head (in accordance with the IEC 62056-21 mode C standard). Through the optical port, you can also change the calculated parameters of the meter using the service program.
     The ability to install communication modules in the heat meter allows you to organize data collection system and to carry out  the readings without access to the premises.
     On request, the meter can be equipped with  Mbus (for connection to a wired system for remote transmission of readings) or  WMbus module (for delivery of information via wireless communication channels) according to the EN 13757-4: 2005 standard.
    Compliance with the EN13757 standard allows us to "connect" to our AMI system other meters -  both of our production and meters of other manufacturers. The figure shows a diagram of an automated system for commercial metering of energy resources (AMI system) which uses meters  providing connection to a wired system for remote transmission of readings and meters, which provide for the issuance of information via wireless communication channels.  
        Our NIK 7071 heat meters  are configured for unidirectional data transmission (T1 mode) at 868.95 MHz with FSK modulation at 100 kcps (66.6 kbits). The default transmission period is 30 seconds. This communication interval can be increased by decreasing  of the battery resource. Battery usage is rational. The meter can have one, two od three batteries, and the corresponding service life is 4, 8 and 10 years, which allows meter to work for 3 calibration intervals.
    NIK 7071 heat meters  have been tested for compliance with the technical regulations of measuring instruments, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated February 24, 2016 No. 163 (Appendix 1 "Essential requirements for measuring instruments", Appendix 6 "Special requirements for heat meters") and harmonized standards DSTU EN 1434 -2019 "Heat meters", DSTU OIML R 75-2014 "Heat meters".  Certificate of type examination from the State Enterprise "Ukrmetrteststandard"  was received.
    The warranty period that we provide to our customers is 36 months from the date the heat meter putting into operation. 
    Should you are interested in the capabilities of NIK 7071 heat meters, our engineers and sales managers will provide detailed information, help you in purshasing and installing of the meters.